Yael Greenberg is a passionate and energetic speaker, business consultant, women, wife and mother. She is happily married to Yair and they have two wonderful boys and a cute little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog.


Yael was born and raised in Israel. You could say her passion to help others started with here mandatory military service. At the age of 18 she joined the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for two years and served as a Welfare NCO, helping soldiers to overcome financial and personal problems.


She began her studies right after her military service. 3 years later she graduated her B.A in Economy and Logistics with honors and on 2002 she finished her M.B.A specializing in HR. 

Yael Greenberg

Her corporate business knowledge and experience Yael got while working in some of the largest companies in Israel such as "Teva", "Cellcom" and "Comverse", when finally in 2007 she sought to pursue her dream of helping business owners maximize their personal potential in order to improve their business.

This dream materialized very quickly. With her entrepreneur mind Yael initiated a unique and successful business. Managing her own business gave Yael the experience and tools when she began consulting other businesses.


During these years Yael had accumulated vast knowledge in marketing, logistics, operation, accountancy, finance, management, human resources and more, due to the large diversity of her clients.


Today Yael is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker and Trainer, a certified business and marketing consultant by the ministry of economy and the ministry of immigration of Israel. Using her personal insights and experience accumulated during the last 17 years, combined with her personal skills, she brings Ziglar's powerful and international messages in her own special way that not only touches people's hearts but at the same time motivates them to action.


"My mission is to awaken people to realize their full potential, to be the driving force for action in their lives. To provide tools for personal and professional development, to help businesses and organizations make groundbreaking changes that will improve their performance and business results quickly and for good!"


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Contact Yael at:

Yael Moskovitz Greenberg

Phone: 972-52-8466455

E-Mail: Yael@I-Deliverit.com