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              Ziglar Legacy Certification has been established to continue Zig Ziglar's unique ability to touch people's lives in a meaningful, significant, and life-changing way. Over nearly fifty years we have learned that people familiar with Zig Ziglar and his work have high expectations for the behaviors and lifestyles of anyone representing the Ziglar name in the marketplace. Ziglar Inc., is using this means to clarify and exemplify the standards Zig Ziglar set in his personal, professional and spiritual life. It is our hope – and belief – that Ziglar Legacy Certified speakers and trainers reflect these qualities in their lives, as well.


             Paramount in importance is Mr. Ziglar's foundation of absolute integrity. People who know Zig Ziglar well enough to wish to represent him as Ziglar Legacy Certified trainers and speakers are familiar with his philosophy on honesty and integrity an all things. The Ziglar Legacy and reputation are what Ziglar Legacy Certified trainers have been entrusted with. Any departure from rigorous honesty in all business dealing by Ziglar Legacy Certified speakers and trainers is a breach of contract and will result in the loss of the right to represent Zig Ziglar and Ziglar Inc., in any capacity.


             Zig Ziglar was known and recognized for his personal commitment to avoid the use of inappropriate and unprofessional language (including questionable slang), stories and humor. He consistently maintained a professional appearance in personal hygiene, attire and accessories. Our appearance makes a statement about us, and when representing Ziglar it reflects on the names as well as on Zig Ziglar himself.


As a Ziglar Legacy Certified speaker and trainer, I am committed to the Zig Ziglar's Legacy at the highest level. To keep honoring his name, his philosophy and his values.

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